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5 Fun Facts About Aaron Judge

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  1. A special kind of love. Aaron was adopted by Patty and Wayne Judge just one day after he was born. When he was in elementary school, Aaron realized he didn’t look like them and so they told him he was adopted. He didn’t think it was THAT big a deal though- they were still his parents, that’s what mattered to him! #love
  2. He was a three-sport STAR in high school! During his senior year, Aaron set the Linden High single-season record with 969 receiving yards and 17 TD receptions. He also averaged 18 points and 13 boards as a center on the basketball court. And, well, do we really need to explain the baseball part? #AllRise
  3. Aaron is all about clean and healthy eating. That means his meals are packed with green veggies. But he does have a guilty pleasure: Pizza. I mean, if you’re gunna live in New York, you might as well cheat with pizza 😉
  4. Something to chew on…literally. During his Rookie year, Aaron shared the deets about one of his superstitions. Before every game, he puts two pieces of gum into his mouth. If he gets a hit, he keeps chewing. If he doesn’t, he spits them out for two new pieces. His goal is to chew the same pieces of gum for the entire game which sounds kinda gross.
  5. Super tall is super rare. Yes, we know it’s not THAT uncommon for a pitcher to be the tallest player on the field, but it actually is for position players. According to one study (yes there are studies for this), there have only been SEVEN MLB hitters to stand 6’7” or taller since 2000. Aaron is of course one of them!
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