5 Fun Facts About Aaron Rodgers

  1. Aaron Rodgers, the lawyer. After receiving ZERO (!) DI Scholarship offers out of high school, Aaron considered quitting football to become a lawyer. Now, 15 years into his NFL career and a Super Bowl ring, Super Bowl MVP, two NFL MVPs, and seven Pro Bowls later, we think it’s safe to say he made the right career choice!
  2. Give the man an Emmy! Best known for his role in State Farm commercials, Aaron made an appearance as an archer in one of the final episodes of Game of Thrones. He’d get our vote for Best Performance by an Athlete in a TV Show any day, so they just might have to add that award to the lineup. 
  3. Don’t forget dessert! One of Aaron’s favorite desserts is key lime tart. Just mix coconut milk fat, dates, almond flour, honey, lime juice, and coconut butter to create this tasty treat. We’ll be adding it to the menu for Thursday night’s game. 
  4. Nothing like a day at The Office, literally. Aaron’s favorite TV show is in fact the iconic mockumentary, and he even made a cameo in the series’ final season as a judge on “America’s Next A Cappella Sensation.” 
  5. Superstars squad up, golf style. Aaron Rodgers teamed up with Chris Paul to host the second annual Bahar Mar Showdown this summer, a golf tournament pitting eight NFL and eight NBA players against each other. Only one of these teams had Aaron Rodgers, and that team won yet again. 


5 Fun Facts About Mitchell Trubisky

  1. Ten is the magic number! Mitchell wears number 10 in honor of his father, who wore the number 10 during his playing days back in high school. We love the sentimental meaning behind this one.
  2. Don’t sweep it under the rug. Mitch considers himself to be a neat freak, and even vacuums his home up to three times a week. #KeepItClean
  3. What’s the King to a kid from Mentor, Ohio? Family. Mitchell has a 2003 LeBron James Rookie Card inside a framed family photo back in his childhood home in Ohio. That 2016 Cavs Championship meant the world to him. #respect
  4. Dr. Mitchell Trubisky has a nice ring, doesn’t it? If Mitch wasn’t an NFL QB, he’d want to pursue a career as a doctor. Why? Back in seventh grade, Mitch suffered a knee injury and had to visit five doctors before they figured out what was wrong. 
  5. During a Q&A just before being drafted in 2017, Mitch was asked what he would change about himself. His answer? He wouldn’t change a thing. We can’t help but admire his self-love and confidence. #BeYourself
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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