1. From Number 1 pick to comeback story of the century, Alex Smith is calling it a career. After 16 years, three teams, mentoring some of the game’s brightest QBs, and inspiring us all by overcoming a 17-surgery injury, Alex SO deserves to enjoy this next chapter with his wife and kids!
  2. “Just live.” That’s how Alex ended his acceptance speech after being awarded Comeback Player of the Year. When he was a young player, the vets helped him learn what it means to “live”. To Alex, it means staying present and making the most of every opportunity. Now, those are the only words written in his IG bio. 
  3. We’ve all seen the incredible Lombardi Trophy Alex’s wife Elizabeth had made for him out of his leg brace. Well, not only does Alex consider it to be the best Christmas gift ever, but it’s actually the only piece of memorabilia that he has set out on display! 
  4. In it together! Since 2007, Alex has been dedicated to helping foster children finish their high school and college education while providing them with support as they become adults. Family is so important to him, so he wants to make sure these kids aren’t alone.
  5. “Junk Food” Friday. Yup, that’s an actual thing, at least while Alex was playing with the Chiefs anyway. It’s the day the team would indulge in some of their favorite foods. Being in Kansas City, Alex would go for BBQ from spots like Q39 and Joe’s . 
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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