1. From top high school recruit, to 2014’s No. 1 pick, to being involved in two major trades, this season marked the BEST of Andrew’s career. He shot 47.7% from the floor and 38% from three (both career highs!) to help get his Warriors into the Play-In Tourney! 
  2. This whole professional athlete thing kinda runs in the family. Andrew’s dad, Mitchell, played in the NBA for six seasons in the 1980s, and his mom, Marita, won two Silver Medals for Canada in track and field at the 1984 Olympics! 
  3. Think back to your 8th grade self. If we asked you what your dream job was, would it be the job you have now? It is for Andrew! In his 8th grade yearbook, Andrew wrote that his dream job was to be an NBA player. So, he’s quite literally living his dream!
  4. No. 22 is more than just his jersey number. For the third year in a row, Andrew is donating $22 for every point he scores to support kids who face barriers playing youth sports. This season alone, he’s already raised over $29K!
  5. He’s a man of many nicknames. Andrew has gone by names like “Maple Jordan” (since he’s Canadian) and “Junior Jordan” (an 8th grade nickname). But his coach, Steve Kerr, likes one in particular: “Mr. Consistent”, because he shows up every night!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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