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5 Fun Facts About Cardinals’ Bruce Arians

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It’s week 11, Bird Gang, the last week this season with byes around the league…it’s a time where everyone evaluates where they are and gives grades – I know, I know ours was week eight but work with me for this bit. So what better time to get to know a coach who has two grades in his name. B. A. Bruce Arians. Here are 5 Fun Facts about Head Coach Bruce Arians.

Fact 1: Bruce Arians or as he’s also known, BA, is the third oldest head coach in the NFL. He is right behind Carroll and Belichick. The oldest? Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks and Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots are both 65, but Carroll is seven months older.

Fact 2: BA and his wife, Christine, started the Arians Family Foundation to give “A Voice for Children.” The foundation helps children who are involved with the Court System to receive the support and help they need.

FACT 3: Arians beat prostate cancer back in 2007, had skin cancer cells removed from his nose in 2013 and most recently a part of his liver to remove some cancer cells. BA says “Moving forward, I want to be a beacon of hope for others struggling with cancer. My fight is their fight. I’m not coaching for myself in 2017; I’m coaching for everyone who’s dealing with cancer. This is my charge.”

Had a great time at my last book signing of #quarterbackwhisperer @costco before heading into the season!

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Fact 4: Arians is considered in the NFL as a quarterback guru having played a key role in the development of Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck. BA even wrote a book about it called the “Quarterback Whisperer.

Fact 5: BA attended and played football at Virginia Tech. As the VT QB he broke and still holds the Virginia Tech record for most rushing touchdowns by a QB in a single season (11). Not even Michael Vick could break it.

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