1. Losing? Never heard of her. Not only is Chase’s Steelers career off to a perfect start (10-0 type perfect), he’s making history along the way. On Sunday, Chase became the first rookie receiver in the Super Bowl Era (and fourth player) to EVER score 10 touchdowns in 10 games! 
  2. Oh Canada! Chase was one of two Canadians selected in the 2020 Draft, and this year, he made Canadian Thanksgiving extra special. The day before Thanksgiving, some family watched his Week 5 game at home in Abbotsford. This of course was the day Chase scored 4 TDs (his dad called it), so his family celebrated by making TikToks! 
  3. Iced out in Snickers. Oh yeah, you read that right! Chase was named Snickers Hungriest Player of Week 5 after his 4 TD performance against the Eagles. As his reward, he got to rock a totally huge, blinged out “HUNGRY” chain that looks just like a Snickers bar!
  4. What’s it like being an NFL player? How’s the view from his room? What’s the deal with the air mattress? Lucky for us, Chase answers all these questions and more on his vlog which gives a peak into what his life is like since joining the Steelers!
  5. “I just want to make her proud.” Chase’s sister, Ashley, took her life when Chase was just 13. Since then, everything he does is in honor of her. Ashley always believed in Chase and saw his potential as an athlete. We just know she’s smiling down on him.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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