1. Opening Day without Kersh would just be wrong. After missing last Opening Day with a back injury, Clayton will be starting tomorrow’s opener against the Rockies. It’ll mark his NINTH career Opening Day start, which is the most in Dodgers franchise history!
  2. Gameday means cereal and LOTS of it. According to his wife, Clayton eats a huge bowl of cereal the morning of every start day. He usually mixes Golden Grahams (his fave) with one other cereal, and likes that it’s a meal he can have no matter what city he’s in!
  3. Whatever you do, don’t mess with his schedule! Clayton has his pregame routine down to a science. In the five hours leading up to game time, he has everything planned from the exact minute he begins warmups to the amount of water he sips between innings. 
  4. Feeling 22. Clayton wears No. 22 after his favorite player: Will Clark. We know what you’re thinking: a Dodger picked his number because of a GIANTS player?! Not to worry, Will played for the Rangers while Clayton was growing up in Dallas. That’s why he’s a fan!
  5. Such sweethearts! Clayton first asked his now-wife Ellen out in between classes when they were in the ninth grade. As you’d imagine, their first dates were homework dates at her house. She helped him with art, he helped her with math…and the rest is history!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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