1. Valley Boyz. That’s the identity Deandre and former-teammate Kelly Oubre Jr. created for the Suns. During a conversation about life (which happened to occur on a plane), the duo decided that they needed a name to rally around that was just as young and cool as their team. 
  2. Community, but make it fashion. In January, Deandre co-chaired “Rise In Style”, a fashion show hosted by the Suns that benefitted Phoenix Suns Charities. He walked the Purple Carpet and runway alongside Gabriel Olvera, a patient at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, to show off their colorful fits and give him an experience he’ll never forget. 
  3. The party don’t start till he walks in. So much so that his mom, Andrea, thought he’d be a comedian! Deandre always loved to entertain and make people laugh, and we totally see it. Like that time he rocked out to “Call Me Maybe”, or sang his heart out to “Boo’d Up”, or even had a jam sesh to “WAP” on court during warmups. 
  4. Deandre 2K. When Deandre isn’t playing basketball, he’s likely playing the video game version of basketball. He considers gaming to be a ritual and even showed off his talent by making it to the Finals of this year’s NBA 2K Players Tourney!
  5. Modern day Picasso? Deandre LOVES to draw and even wanted to be an architect growing up! He really liked shapes, online sketching, and looking at blueprints. But perhaps his most famous sketch is the one he made of himself dunking on Joel Embiid during his rookie year! #BullySZN
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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