1. “Crown him!” The Titans are in first place in the AFC South and Derrick
    is a huge reason why. During Sunday’s game against the Colts, Derrick
    rushed for 140 yards and three touchdowns…IN THE FIRST HALF! Don’t
    look now, but he’s making a real case for MVP!
  2. King Henry, but make it cleats. Yup, he went there! Derrick’s Week 1
    cleats took his Twitter handle to a whole new level. The custom red
    velvet cleats had all the royal vibes complete with black and white fur
    garnishes and crowns for zippers only fit for a king!
  3. Sweet Home Alabama? We all know Derrick won the Heisman Trophy
    as a junior at Alabama, but he almost didn’t make it that far. During
    Derrick’s freshman year, he actually thought about transferring. He
    missed his family and had a lot of competition at RB, but one good
    game (the 2014 Sugar Bowl) helped change his perspective.
  4. Feeling 22. Once Derrick was drafted by the Titans in 2016, he chose
    to wear No.22. He wears this number in honor of his former Bama
    teammate, Altee Tenpenny (it was his number in high school), who
    passed away in a car accident in 2015.
  5. He’s a grandma’s boy! Growing up, Derrick spent a ton of time with his
    grandma, Gladys, who helped raise him. He called her his best friend,
    and she called him “Shocka” since his parents had him so young.
    Before she passed away, he promised her he’d get his college degree.
    And in May 2018, he did just that!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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