1. Talk about a comeback! Back in July, Freddie revealed that he had COVID-19 and experienced symptoms so severe that he prayed for his life. Fast forward nearly three months later, and Freddie is the favorite to win NL MVP after playing in all 60 games this season and leading the Braves to the playoffs once again. 
    2. Give me 5! When Freddie made his MLB debut in 2010, he hoped his number would be 18, the number of letters in his mom’s name. Instead, he was given No. 5, which is the same number he wore in Little League when his mom passed away from Melanoma. #chills
    3. You & The 6. Freddie represented Canada at the 2017 World Baseball Classic and it was the most surreal experience. Freddie’s parents, Fred and Rosemary, were born in Canada, met in Canada, and married in Canada. With his dad in the stands, he felt putting on that jersey was the perfect way to honor his late mom.
    4. Have no fear, Chipper Jones is here! In January 2014, Freddie got stuck in a massive traffic jam in Atlanta thanks to a snowstorm. As any good former-teammate would do, Chipper decided to go rescue him on his ATV. After nearly 11 hours, Freddie returned to safety. Now, there’s even a bobblehead commemorating this heroic rescue! 
    5. She said YES! In 2014, Freddie married his wife Chelsea, but not before she got to live EVERY girl’s fantasy by appearing on “Say Yes To The Dress”! Chelsea got to share more about their super sweet relationship and show off her gorgeous custom gowns. #goals
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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