1. Born Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton, Giancarlo actually went by “Mike” for most of his childhood because his classmates couldn’t pronounce “Giancarlo”. He even began his MLB career as “Mike Stanton”, but returned to “Giancarlo” before the 2012 season!
  2. Give me a break! Kit Kats are one of Giancarlo’s favorite treats, and actually caused him to go viral in 2015. After a photo surfaced of Giancarlo biting into a Kit Kat instead of breaking it apart, Kit Kat personally sent him proper eating instructions, along with a few hundred bars to practice with!
  3. One with nature…literally! If Giancarlo wasn’t a baseball superstar, he’d actually want to be a travel blogger with a special focus on the Earth. He loves nature, enjoys traveling to and exploring new places, and is a pretty big fan of National Geographic!
  4. Most likely to go pro. Back during his high school days, Giancarlo was a three-sport star, playing baseball, basketball, and football! He was even offered scholarships to play football in college, but decided to sign with the Marlins after being drafted in 2007.
  5. Remember that time he literally hit the ball out of Dodger Stadium? Well, it gets better. Legend has it, while at a Dodgers game, a 10-year-old Giancarlo told his dad he would one day hit a ball out of that stadium. As a member of the Marlins, 15 years later, he did it, and his dad was there to see!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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