1. Make way for a new Big 3! The Mavs Game 7 win over the Suns was pretty impressive, but wait till you hear this trio’s stats. Jalen, Luka Dončić, and Spencer Dinwiddie combined for 89 points in Game 7, just one less than the entire Suns team scored!
  2. When idols become rivals. Growing up, Jalen said one of his favorite players was the legendary Steve Nash. His other fave? Chris Paul, who he just happened to match up with (and defeat) last series! 
  3. Give him the aux! Back in 2019, Jalen revealed his top 5 favorite artists of all time, confirming that he is in fact a Belieber. Joining Justin on his list of faves are Drake, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Michael Jackson. 
  4. AKA Luka’s Son. Yes, that Luka! Back in 2020, Jalen and Luka had a little competition to see who the better FIFA video game player was. Loser had to wear an NFL jersey customized by the winner…so Jalen was forced to rock a “Luka’s Son” Cowboys jersey.
  5. You’ll want to meet his pup! That’s right, Jalen is the proud doggy daddy to a super cute goldendoodle, Kona Brunson. His sweet pup even has her very own IG documenting her adorable adventures!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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