1. WHO DEY! The Bengals claimed their first AFC North title since 2015 thanks to a comeback win against the Chiefs that was fueled by none other than Ja’Marr. He racked up 266 receiving yards, the most EVER in one game in franchise history!
  2. First thing’s first. Ja’Marr actually made some Bengals history long before ever playing in a game. Believe it or not, Ja’Marr is the first player in franchise history to EVER wear the No. 1, quite literally making him the Bengals (number) one and only!
  3. Uno! Aside from being Ja’Marr’s jersey number, Uno is his nickname, too, and the story behind it is pretty sweet. According to Ja’Marr, he’s called “Uno” since the No. 1 appears in his birthdate and the birthdates of his parents and brother! 
  4. Need goal-setting tips for the New Year? He just might have you covered! Ja’Marr has been writing his goals on sticky notes and hanging them on his mirror. After his last season at LSU, Ja’Marr revealed that he accomplished every single goal he wrote down!
  5. The Griddy King. You may have noticed that Ja’Marr breaks out a special dance every time he scores a TD. Well, it’s called “The Griddy”. A now viral dance and TD celebration, Ja’Marr says the dance was actually created by one of his friends from New Orleans!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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