1. Talk about a reunion. Jimmy and Jae Crowder, or Batman and Robin as he calls them, were teammates at Marquette back in 2010-11. They made it to the Sweet 16 then, and they’re going to the Eastern Conference Finals with the Heat now! #DynamicDuo
    2. “You gotta go”. That was the last thing Jimmy’s mom said before she kicked him out when he was 13. He then went on to “couch-surf”, live with a surrogate family, be ranked 73rd in the state of Texas, attend JUCO, attend Marquette, be drafted 30th overall, and become a perennial NBA All-Star. #chills
    3. Ever have that pair of shoes you just love too much to wear? Jimmy has! He received his first EVER pair of Jordans when he was in 5th or 6th grade and was SO excited he just wanted to admire them. He wound up wearing the Js only four times before he grew out of them because he didn’t want to ruin them. #relatable
    4. Marky Mark and the Butler Bunch. You guessed it, Jimmy is close friends with THE Mark Wahlberg and even calls him his big brother. The two met at a pickup game in Chicago in 2013 and they just clicked. Jimmy LOVES how hard Mark works so he adapted some of his routine. Clearly, they’re on to something!
    5. No need to save room for dessert. Whether he’s dining in or eating out, Jimmy likes to eat dessert FIRST. He loves his sweets (especially apple pie), so he makes sure to treat himself before he gets too full. Did we just become best friends?!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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