1. In only his third season in the league, Josh has led the Bills to their first AFC East title SINCE 1995! But it gets better. He did this while breaking just about every Bills single-season passing record AND becoming the only QB in NFL HISTORY with +4,500 passing yards, +35 passing TDs and +5 rushing TDs in one season. Sound like an MVP?
  2. Playing in Buffalo means LOTS of wings, but it didn’t take him long to find his favorite spot! Josh first ate at Bar-Bill Tavern during a pre-draft visit in 2018 and that’s where he says he tasted the best wings he’s ever had. His order: 20 wings, half hot and half Cajun-Honey Butter BBQ. #need
  3. Josh’s Jaqs. Yup, this is exactly what you think it is…Josh’s very own cereal! Released in September, this limited-edition cereal features red and blue frosted rolls (Bills colors, duh!) with proceeds going to Oishei Children’s Hospital. 
  4. He’s a Belieber and he’s NOT afraid to show it! That’s right, Josh is a HUGE Justin Bieber fan, with “Confident”, “All That Matters”, and “Sorry” among his favorite tunes. He’d even argue that everyone is secretly a Bieber fan and we kinda have to agree.
  5. Planning to host Josh for movie night? You might wanna make sure the TV volume is set to an even number. Whether he’s listening to music or watching TV, Josh says the volume HAS to be an even number or else he just can’t focus. #canrelate
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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