1. They don’t call him The Claw (Klaw?) for nothing. We’ve all seen Kawhi’s hands, and they’re huge, but they’re actually MASSIVE. Kawhi’s hands are 52% wider (!!!) than the average guy’s hands measuring 11.25 inches x 9.75 inches. No wonder he’s a multi-time DPOY winner!
  2. Everyone has a guilty pleasure, even the Board Man. After winning the NBA Finals last season, Kawhi was asked by then-teammate Serge Ibaka what junk food he couldn’t wait to eat. He said, and we quote, “I’m just drinking alcohol and eating desserts. All the time”. Uhm, can relate!
  3. Hundred-millionaire, don’t care. No, really. After Kawhi signed his $94M deal in 2017, he continued to drive his “rehabbed” 1997 Chevy Tahoe. Yup, Kawhi’s had that bad boy since he was in high school, but it runs, so it works for him. Wonder if he still drives it around LA?
  4. “As serious as a heart attack.” A line spoken by none other than Coach Pop describing the time he first met Kawhi. But we don’t think he meant that as a bad thing. Afterall, a seven-year-old Kawhi did tell his pediatrician he’d play in the NBA. Even though the doctor told him every kid said that, this kid was serious. #DreamBig
  5. Only fitting that first EVER Kobe MVP Award is his. Back at the 2013 ASG, Kawhi sat with Kobe to break down the game they both love. Kobe remembered Kawhi not saying much, but asking all the right questions. After the tragedy, Kawhi said he wanted to “be great” for Kobe. Well, he did it, and in the most fitting way possible. #MambaMentality
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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