1. Everyone is going through something. When Kevin penned this piece for The Players’ Tribune in March 2018 he quite literally changed the world of sports as we knew it. Kevin revealed that he had a panic attack during a game, and wanted to share his experiences in hopes of helping others open up about their mental health.
  2. He’s an IRL superhero. Last weekend, Kevin was honored with the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage for his advocacy in the mental health space. He’s following up that performance by taking yet another step to make a difference: establishing the Kevin Love Fund Centennial Chair in UCLA’s psych department. #endthestigma
  3. Kevin Love Pitcher? Kevin Love QB? Growing up, Kevin had dreams of playing other sports. He loved baseball, and if he was a lefty, he might’ve pursued it some more. As for football, he ALWAYS wanted to be a QB. His size, his footwork, his agility…yeah we could see it, but Kevin DEF belongs in the NBA!
  4. Surfin’ USA! No no, Kevin doesn’t have some secret career as a surfer (that we know of anyway). Buuutttt, he does have a relative who has a hit song by the same name. Yup, Kevin’s Uncle Mike is in fact a member of the Beach Boys. Excuse us while we fangirl!
  5. Perhaps most memorable of all Kevin’s cameos is his role in Pepsi + Kyrie Irving’s Uncle Drew Chapter 2. Kevin takes on the role of Wes with makeup SO good his own dad didn’t even recognize him. But the best part of the spot is its foreshadowing Kevin and Kyrie playing on the same team. How’d that end again? #Champs
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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