1. Khash Money! That’s the nickname Giannis shared that he calls Khris, and the playoffs are totally showing why. Whether he’s hitting a game-winning shot in Game 7 or exploding for 20 points in the fourth quarter to secure a win, Khris has DEF been Khash!
  2. You’ll be seeing A LOT of Khris this summer. After he wraps up playing in the NBA Finals, Khris will be joining Team USA Basketball in Tokyo as a first-time Olympian! But before he starts thinking about the Gold, he’s focused on winning the Bucks a ring.
  3. Australia holds a special place in his heart. This spring, Khris announced that he became part-owner of the Brisbane Bullets, a team in Australia’s NBL. He saw their passion for basketball when he visited in 2019 and knew he wanted to be part of it!
  4. Khrismas in July? Khris LOVES Christmas so much that he decided to create “12 Days of Khrismas”, his very own holiday initiative! Each Christmas season, Khris Kringle spreads holiday cheer through acts of service to help make the season extra special for others.
  5. Always after his Lucky Charms! That’s right, Khris has a Lucky Charms addiction. He’s not sure why, but Khris says it was his fave cereal growing up and still is today! He does switch things up with Raisin Bran Crunch every once in a while, though.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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