1. Headed to dinner downstairs, and still dressing for the tunnel. Kuz is notorious for his pre-game fits- especially the ones his teammates give him grief for. Lucky for us the stay at home order has NOT put a stop to that. His IG at-home fits have been SO noteworthy that GQ named him to their “Big Fits From Home” list.
  2. The Marathon Continues. Kuz is covered in tattoos, and of course, they all have meaning. The “TMC” tat you’ll find on his arm was inspired by Nipsey and symbolizes the adversity he’s faced in his life. #TMC
  3. Bored in the house and in the house…with a new pup! With all of his newfound free time, Kyle decided this was the perfect opportunity to finally get a dog! Now his new training partner and TikTok star, Snoh is a nine-week old Husky who has absolutely stolen our hearts! #girldad
  4. Started with a Little Tikes Hoop, now we’re here. Before Kyle knew how to walk, his mom, Karri, bought him his first hoop. One of his earliest memories is using tape to create a free throw line and throwing down dunks on that little hoop. Sweet, isn’t it?
  5. Taking Kuzmania to the next level. Kyle is very connected to his hometown Flint, and he’s making his presence felt even more during the COVID-19 crisis. He’s partnered with the local YMCA to provide meals for senior citizens and others who are unable to go out to get food for as long as necessary. #BiggerThanBasketball
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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