1. “Murray Magic!” The only words to describe Kyler’s ridiculous game-winning Hail Mary pass back in Week 10 which DeAndre Hopkins caught with one second to spare. You know the one, but get this. Kyler says that’s the first time he’s ever even attempted a Hail Mary in his career! #notbad
  2. Nice suit, Old Sport. Kyler made headlines when he showed up to Draft Day wearing a pink pinstripe suit that was actually inspired by his favorite movie: The Great Gatsby! Leo DiCaprio wore a similar one in the movie that was so smooth it caught Kyler’s eye. 
  3. Making history before he even played a game! When the Cardinals selected him first overall in 2019, Kyler became the first player EVER to be drafted in the first round of BOTH the NFL and MLB Drafts. Back in 2018, he was selected ninth by the Oakland A’s, but ultimately decided to return to Oklahoma to play football.
  4. One of the only QB No. 1s. Kyler wears the No. 1 simply because it’s the number he’s worn for most his life. But what makes this all so interesting is that No. 1 isn’t typically worn by QBs in the NFL. In fact, he’s one of only 3 active QBs rocking the number! 
  5. Checkmate! Kyler has been playing chess since he was in the fourth grade and newsflash, he’s REALLY good at it. So good that he won the Chess Club Tourney in fourth AND fifth grade. He still plays too, just the virtual “Chess With Friends” version.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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