1. Born for this. LaMelo was literally born into a basketball family: both his parents played in college and you may know his brothers Lonzo and Gelo. Now, after being named last season’s NBL Rookie of the Year (yup, he played in Australia), the 19-year-old hopes to accomplish his goal of becoming the Number 1 pick in tonight’s NBA Draft!
  2. Shoe deal on lock. That’s right, LaMelo’s already secured a huge shoe deal with Puma. Melo likes to be different and knows he’s “one of one”, so he chose a brand that’ll allow him to be just that. Rumor has it, he’ll even have access to Puma’s private jet! 
  3. The Entertainer. That’s the nickname LaMelo’s dad, LaVar, gave to him simply because Melo’s entertaining! Whether it’s something he says, a flashy play he makes, or his fire dance moves, he knows LaMelo is sure to grab and keep your attention.
  4. Dropped out of school now we…freezing overseas? LaMelo left Chino Hills to launch his pro career in Lithuania when he was just 16, becoming the youngest American pro basketball player EVER! But the thing he remembers most about his time with Vytautas Prienai isn’t the games, it’s the snow and freezing cold temps he endured.
  5. Take him to the candy shop. One of the things LaMelo cannot live without is candy. He LOVES candy. In fact, he has a huge sweet tooth! Skittles, Kit Kats, Reese’s, and Jolly Ranchers are among some of his favorite treats. 
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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