1. New chapter, new number. When Michael came out of retirement the first time (yup, it’s a theme) he did so without his iconic number 23. Instead he wore 45, his first number from high school. That didn’t last long though…he brought 23 out of retirement mid-playoffs and the Bulls were fined $25,000 because of it. #excessive
  2. Michael Jordan or Athlete of the Century? Both, actually. At the close of 1999, SportsCentury named Michael the athlete of the ENTIRE 20th century! He beat out icons like Babe Ruth and Muhammad Ali, but guess six championships in 11 years will do that.
  3. When Michael retired for the second time (oh yes there’s more) he just couldn’t stay away from the game. He became part-owner and GM of the Washington Wizards for about two years in the early 2000s before COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT AGAIN to play for the squad for two more years. He retired for real in 2003. #ballislife
  4. Jump Man up to something. The iconic Air Jordan I was released to the public in 1985 and the rest is sneakerhead culture history. But with 34 pairs to choose from (not counting colorways of course), what are MJ’s fav? The Jordan 11s. He even wore a pair in Space Jam!
  5. It’s never too late! Michael attended college at UNC for three years before getting drafted by the Bulls in 1984. But all that NBA talent didn’t stop him from finishing his education. He returned back to school a few years later to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Geography. #KnowledgeIsPower
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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