1. Welcome to the 500 Club! This weekend, Miguel became just the 28th member of MLB’s exclusive “500 Home Run Club” with a solo shot against the Blue Jays. But, there’s more. Miggy is actually the first EVER Venezuelan-born player to accomplish the feat!
  2. Name a more iconic duo than Miguel Cabrera and History. As if one milestone wasn’t enough, Miggy now has his sight set on accomplishing another goal…3,000 career hits! Entering play today, Miggy is just 43 hits away from the historic 3,000.
  3. Maybe he was born with it. Growing up in Maracay, Venezuela, Miguel turned pro when he was just 16 years old! But, he’s not the only athlete in the family. His mom, Gregoria, was actually a shortstop who batted cleanup for Venezuela’s national softball team!
  4. Miguel Cabrera, Recording Artist. Yup, you read that right! Miggy is actually featured on a Latin Hip-Hop track by Sibilino. Titled “Miggy Al Bate” or “Miggy At Bat”, the song was released last year, and of course features lyrics about Miggy’s career!
  5. We’re going to Disney World! Back in 2013, Miggy revealed that he LOVES Disney World. It was a place he always dreamed of visiting when he was young in Venezuela. Now, he’s been there with family and teammates more times than he can count!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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