1. What’s the weather, you ask? Mike just might be able to tell you. Very interested in weather, Mike is something of a meteorologist. He’s called into The Weather Channel, was gifted his own weather balloon, and even enjoys tracking snowstorms!
  2. Extra pickles please! Mike LOVES pickles, and even revealed back in 2017 that he eats them before every single game. Now that’s a pre-game routine you don’t hear every day.
  3. Everyone loves a classic, but what if Angels In The Outfield was remade with the current Angels team? Mike says he would want one of his favorite actors, none other than Adam Sandler, to play him in the movie!
  4. Fly Eagles Fly! Oh yes, this Jersey boy is a HUGE Eagles fan, and he’s not afraid to show it. Growing up in a family of Eagles super fans, there was even a cardboard cutout of Mike at Eagles games in 2020 when fans couldn’t attend in-person!
  5. But what if he was a pitcher instead? Believe it or not, Mike actually was a pitcher growing up, and had himself a pretty historic game in high school. Legend has it, Mike threw a no-hitter his junior year, striking out 18 batters in the process!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

I created Fangirl Sports Network as a place for female sports fans to follow their favorite teams with content and coverage that speaks directly to females. It started with one and then eight and now 32 NFL Fangirls and 15 NBA Fangirls.