1. 7 matches. 7 masks. 7 names. Naomi used her platform at the US Open to draw attention to the BLM conversation by wearing masks with the names of 7 victims of racial injustice. This was her way to be an advocate for change and make people start talking. #queen
    2. Kobe’s always watching. Naomi met Kobe last summer and he quickly became a mentor. Even when she didn’t think he was paying attention, he would text her encouragement after big losses. Now, she’s wearing his jersey after every match and wants to be as great as he believed she could be. #MambaForever
    3. Barbie Girl…literally! That’s right, Naomi has her very own Barbie Doll (!!!) thanks to Barbie’s “Shero” initiative. Complete with beautiful curls and a super cute tennis outfit, Naomi hopes her Barbie will inspire girls in sports to chase their dreams. #surreal
    4. Just your average 22-year-old. When she’s not playing tennis, Naomi enjoys fashion, photography, exploring the outdoors, and of course playing video games. Before tour started back up, Naomi was enjoying just being a homebody like the rest of us.
    5. “I feel like me.” Naomi was born in Japan, raised in America, and spent a ton of time with her Haitian grandparents growing up. Even though she represents Japan when playing, she doesn’t identify with one culture more than the others. She embraces them all! #beauty
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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