1. Silence speaks volumes. Natasha was one of the first athletes to use her platform to speak out about the recent events surrounding the Black Lives Matter Movement. She wrote a piece for The Players’ Tribune calling out EVERY athlete to use their voice and get involved as advocates for change. #BetterTogether
  2. Find a partner that supports you the way Converse supports Natasha! Last week, Natasha became the FIRST (!!!) WNBA player to sign a sneaker deal with Converse, but that’s not even the best part. Converse was drawn to Natasha because of her activism, delayed announcing the deal so she could focus on her activism, and donated $25K to a Philly racial justice org in support of her activism. #GOALS
  3. BTW, her activism isn’t new. After a DC area school was placed on lockdown due to a shooting last year, Natasha organized a team-wide media blackout. Following a loss to the Seattle Storm, she was the only member of her team to speak with the media and ONLY took questions about gun violence. #MoreThanAnAthlete
  4. Role models become rivals…kind of. Growing up, Natasha’s favorite WNBA player was Lindsay Whalen. When she played ball in her backyard, she’d always pretend to be Lindsay. Guess you can say things came full circle when Lindsay played her final career game against Natasha’s Mystics.
  5. She BLEEDS green! Natasha is a Philly girl so YOU KNOW she was celebrating when the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018. She went to the parade and even made sure to wear one of her late grandpa’s watches so he could be there with her. #FlyEaglesFly
  6. In a city so pretty, it’s hard to pick the best spot. On her days off, Natasha likes to enjoy the scenery of Old Town and Gravelly Point Park. Although she doesn’t have a favorite monument in DC, Natasha has a real appreciation for the history of the Lincoln Memorial. #IHaveADream
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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