1. Collecting hardware. In 2014, Nathan won the Calder Memorial Trophy awarded to the league’s most outstanding rookie of the year. In 2020, he won the Lady Byng Memorial trophy which is awarded to a player who exemplifies the best sportsmanship throughout the year.
  2. Acting chops. Nathan starred in a recurring role in the Canadian television show called “Mr. D.” He appeared in seasons two, three and four, playing a fictionalized version of himself. 
  3. Superstar neighbors. Nathan is neighbors in the offseason with fellow NHL star Sidney Crosby. The two stars reside a minute walk from each other on Grand Lake in Nova Scotia and train together in the summer. 
  4. “The Dog.” That is the nickname Nathan’s teammates call him by. He explained that the nickname started out as “Nate Dog” when he was a teenager because of the rapper and then it evolved to “The Dog” as he got older.
  5. Hip-hop enthusiast. Nathan first got into hip-hop music as a teenager listening to Eminem, Wiz Khalifa and Kid Cudi. He enjoys watching the hip-hop morning show “The Breakfast Club” every day on YouTube.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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