1. Who says history is boring? The first NBA All-Star Game took place all the way back in 1951 with the East beating the West 111-94. It was the start of a trend as the East would wind up leading the all-time matchup against the West 37-29. That is, until the format changed… 
  2. Like a fine wine. No surprise, LeBron has the most All-Star appearances among active players. This year marks his 16th (!!!) time making the game. But it’s another Lakers legend that holds the all-time record…Kareem. Abdul. Jabar. He’s got 19!!!!!!
  3. All-Star ’16 aka the Greatest Dunk Contest EVER! You remember the one. When Aaron Gordon sat in mid-air and Zach LaVine windmilled from the free throw line. The dunks were SO insane that it went to OT. Lucky for us, Aaron will be throwing it down again this weekend in Chicago! #flying
  4. What do LeBron and Kevin Hart have in common? Both have 4 MVPs. Yes, Kevin is a 4-time Celebrity All-Star Game MVP! He provided unmatched entertainment during his career, which he memorably retired from after winning his 4th straight MVP only to come out of retirement the following year. We don’t think we’ll ever see another celeb performance like his. #GOAT
  5. Mamba Forever. This year’s ASG format may seem like the most confusing math problem ever, but the guys will be trying it while wearing Kobe and Gigi’s numbers on their jerseys: #2 for Team Lebron and #24 for Team Giannis. #respect
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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