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5 Fun Facts About Paul George

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  1. Bubble Bonding! One of the popular pastimes for guys in The Bubble is fishing, and thanks to Paul, the Clippers were quick to get in on the action. Just a few days into their stay, PG brought the guys out to the water. He showed off juussstttt a little bit, reeling in one of the bigger catches shown off on social.
  2. But fishing isn’t just some hobby he’s picked up in The Bubble. Growing up in Palmdale, Paul and his dad (also Paul) would often go fishing as a way to bond. Now he sees it as a form of therapy and a way for him to escape…but he’s also won a fishing tourney. To this day, PG always snaps a pic of his haul to share with his dad!
  3. Keep your mind on the message. Like many NBA players, Paul used his post-scrimmage press conference to pay respect to the families of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, and demand justice. He plans to continue using his platform to stand up for those who can’t stand anymore. #justice
  4. Wanna talk about a comeback? Paul suffered a too bad to watch again leg injury during the 2014 FIBA World Cup. During the 2015-2016 season, his first full season back, Paul George was named an All-Star. Not only did he play in the game, he dropped 41 points with a record NINE THREE POINTERS! #werk
  5. Self-made nickname. In August 2014, PG decided to change his number from 24 to 13. The swap symbolized his coming into his own as a star in the league. Of course, with the change, several nicknames were born including Young Trece (Spanish for 13), which he actually gave to himself! #PowerMove
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