1. Raking his way to history. This weekend, Randy became the first rookie position player to EVER win LCS MVP after the Rays beat the Astros in Game 7. That was the day he hit his 7th homer of the Post-Season, which is of course, a rookie record. Isn’t it fitting that his name doubles as the acronym for “Rakes All Night Day Year”? 
    2. Quarantine 15. Randy tested positive for COVID-19 in July, but he didn’t let that stop him. He spent over a month alone in quarantine eating rice and chicken and doing 300 push-ups a day, and wound up putting on 15 lbs…of MUSCLE! Crazy, we know. #werk
    3. These boots are made for homering. Randy has a boot superstition that started in 2017 Mexican Winter League. Every time he’d steal boots from one of his teammates, he’d wind up hitting a homer. Randy stole this year’s “Power Boots” from pitcher Brent Honeywell before the ALDS, and let’s just say they’re working!
    4. Got the moves like Randy? In an epic dance battle rematch against teammate Brett Phillips following the ALDS, Randy claimed the crown by wowing his team with his breakdancing ability which btw included spinning on his head!!! No surprise though, he says he took gymnastics classes when he was younger back in Cuba. #ofcourse
    5. To Mexico with love. Randy defected Cuba when he was 20 years old so he could better provide for his family after his father passed away. He survived an eight-hour boat ride to Mexico, which is where he launched his career. Now, Randy’s working to become a Mexican citizen so he can rep them in the 2021 WBC! 
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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