1. Collaborate and listen. We ALL knew who was under that mask the second the White Tiger walked out on stage. After three high energy performances featuring the floss and the sprinkler, Gronk was in fact unmasked on The Masked Singer. Afterall, only he would leave an image of a cow skiing as a clue! #roar
  2. 24/7 Gronk. That doesn’t just mean all Gronk, all the time. Nope. This weekend, Gronk was crowned the WWE 24/7 CHAMP! While hosting the event, Gronk jumped off the balcony (of course), pinned the defending champ who happened to be his bestie Mojo Rawley, AND WON THE TITLE!
  3. Virtual Beer Pong? And it’s for charity? You know Gronk and Camille are IN! The power couple teamed up to compete in The Ballina Cup with all proceeds going to support COVID-19 relief. They faced off against Braves Shortstop Dansby Swanson and USWNT’s Mallory Pugh on IG Live anddddd even though they lost in Round 1, you know it was a good time! #ballinacup
  4. It’s Good To Be Gronk. So good, he wrote a book with that exact title in 2015! The book has all the Gronk stories your heart could desire with one super interesting nugget. At the time, Gronk hadn’t touched “one dime” of his NFL contract money. Not one! Instead, he’s been living off his marketing money. Man’s a genius!
  5. He’s not the greatest cook, but his mom is! If Gronk’s cooking dinner, it’s likely to be any combo of hamburgers, hot dogs, or chicken. But if mom’s cooking? Well, she’ll make his favorite dish: chicken soufflé. Either way, count us in for dinner post-quarantine!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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