1. It’s official! After severely injuring a finger on his throwing hand in Week 5, Russ took to Twitter to announce that he is BACK. Originally expected to miss at least six weeks, Russ has been fully cleared to play this Sunday…just four weeks after the injury!
  2. He was traded WHERE? You may recall that Russ played baseball in college, and was even drafted by the Rockies in 2010. Well, in 2018, he was traded to the Yankees! While he’s yet to play an MLB game, Russ did attend Spring Training as recently as 2019.
  3. Why not…write a book? Russ and Ciara are teaming up to write their very own children’s book which will be published in March! Titled “Why Not You?”, the book is designed to inspire kids to chase their dreams by teaching them that anything is possible. 
  4. He actually started his first football game ever sitting on the bench. Russ started playing football in seventh grade, but his team already had a QB1. That is, until the QB got hurt on the first play of Russ’ first game and Russ had to take over. The rest is history!
  5. That hotdog is DangeRuss…literally! Back in 2014, the Seahawks created a hotdog inspired by Russ called “The DangeRuss Dog”. No ordinary gameday treat, this hotdog was topped with mac’n’cheese, caramelized onions, jalapenos, Sriracha sauce, and tortilla chips!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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