1. It’s over when she says it’s over. Sabrina started hoopin’ when she was just three years old and boy was she competitive in her early years. Just ask her twin brother, Eddy. The two grew up as besties, but whenever they’d play ball there’d be blood and tears. If he ever beat her, they’d play until she won. Then, she’d leave the court. #icon
  2. All packed up, not knowing where to go. Sabrina took her dear sweet time before committing to a college. It was between Oregon and Washington, so she decided to just surprise the school when she got there. Once she got in the car with her dad, Dan, she told him to drive to Oregon. And the rest is history (literally).
  3. Triple-Double Queen. Sabrina holds the record for most triple-doubles in NCAA HISTORY by ANY collegiate athlete (!!!) with 26 in her career, a long way since recording her first only seven games into her freshman season. Sabrina didn’t even realize she got that one until Coach Graves prompted her to look at the stat sheet after the game. #humble
  4. She’s a Fangirl like us! We all know Steph Curry is a HUGE fan of Sabrina’s- he considers her to be a legend. Of course, being a Bay Area girl, Sabrina is a huge fan of Steph, too. So much so that her bestie and Oregon teammate, Ruthy Hebard, said Sabrina’s lock screen is currently Steph Curry. I mean can she get more relatable?
  5. What happens when you mix Mamba Mentality with Sabrina? Bazooka Mode. That’s what Sabrina’s dad calls her attack mode. Once she gets in her zone, there’s no stopping her, even when she’s grieving. Shortly after speaking at Kobe’s Memorial in February, Sabrina became the first NCAA player EVER (!!!) to reach 2,000 points, 1,000 assists, and 1,000 rebounds. #MambaForever
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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