1. Just one game after becoming the first woman to play in a Power 5 football game (and reminding certain people what a squib is), Sarah has become the first woman to SCORE in a Power 5 football game. Nothing compares to the emotion we felt watching her kick glide through the upright for the extra point during the first quarter on Saturday!
  2. All this history is just the icing on top. Sarah says her proudest accomplishment is winning this year’s SEC Championship as the starting goalkeeper on the soccer team. It’s something she worked her whole life for and had to overcome a lot to achieve!
  3. While Sarah Fuller is a household name now, her rise didn’t happen overnight. In fact, her journey’s been filled with lots of tears. Throughout her collegiate career, Sarah has suffered a broken foot (twice) and slipped disk. She’s failed fitness tests and even lost the starting spot as a senior. But she NEVER GAVE UP and now look at her!
  4. You can get everything at Target…even a Sarah Fuller sighting! After her history-making debut, Sarah was recognized for the first time in public while shopping for Christmas decorations at Target. She noticed a bunch of people lingering and even took a selfie with one of them!
  5. Don’t forget she’s a student, too. After Sarah graduates with a degree in Medicine, Health and Society this spring, she plans to transfer to the University of North Texas to get her Master’s in Hospital Administration so she can pursue a career that’ll allow her to help people!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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