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5 Fun Facts About Spurs’ Danny Green

Well, the Spurs are headed to the Western Conference finals and I think it’s time we get to know one of the guys who really helped them get there. Here are Five Fun Facts on Danny Green.

1. Danny grew up in New York and attended the North Babylon High School where he was not only a basketball player, but also the quarterback of the football team. Talk about being a ball handler!

2. Danny played college ball at the University of North Carolina where he played in more games (145) and had more wins (123) then any athlete before him at UNC.

3. Danny decided to stay at UNC for his senior season and helped the team win the NCAA title in 2009. He is also the only player in ACC with at least 1000 points, 500 rebounds, 250 assists, 150 three-pointers, 150 blocks and 150 steals. Woah!

4. In 2009, Danny Green was drafted by the Cavs and after he played in 20 games, they waived him. How great would it be if he plays the Cavs in the Finals?! Talk about coming full circle.

5. Danny is not the only athlete in the family! His brother Rashad played basketball for USF, his other brother Devonte played for Indiana University and his second cousin is NBA player Gerald Green.

Now you know a little more about Danny Green who is truly proving to be a bright light and great support for the Spurs as they enter the Western Conference Finals a couple men down.

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