1. Custom Cleats King. Stefon is likes to sport custom cleats on the field that usually reference pop culture. He has sported cleats with Ice Cube’s character from “Next Friday,” the characters from “Ice Age,” and Betty White on them.
  2. Snack accessory. Stefon is known for his style off the field, but his most important accessory is snacks. He told GQ “Hot Chips” are his number one pregame accessory and also likes to keep Rice Krispie Treats in his Louis Vuitton tote. 
  3. Hometown hero. Stefon played college football at the University of Maryland, just 30 minutes from where he went to high school. He stayed home to be close to his family and help raise his brothers after his father passed away. 
  4. Top receiver. Stefon is once again among the Top 3 of NFL wide receivers this season statistically. He has 84 receptions (2nd), 1,110 rec yards (3rd) and 9 touchdowns (3rd).
  5. Childhood movie buff. Stefon took to Twitter to reveal his Top 5 childhood movies: 1. “Bugs Life” 2. “Air Bud” 3. “Sandlot” 4. “Little Rascals” 5. “Little Giants”
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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