1. Throw it back to 1936! That’s the year the first ever NFL Draft took place. The nine teams met up in February at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Philly after Bert Bell, owner of the Eagles, pitched the idea. He wanted teams to draft players in reverse order based on their record from the previous season so that the weaker teams could get the best help.
  2. Fly Eagles Fly…All the way to the first pick. The Eagles of course had the first pick in the 1936 draft, buuuuutttttt they didn’t sign any of their nine picks. In fact, only 27 of the 81 players drafted that year ever played in the NFL. #wild
  3. Let’s meet that first pick, shall we? The Eagles selected HB Jay Berwanger as the first pick in the first draft. Even though he won the first EVER (!) Heisman Trophy, Berwanger was traded right to the Chicago Bears, and never wound up playing in the NFL. Legend has it he asked for $25K over 2 years, which was too expensive. #securethebag
  4. But what if you actually draft the wrong player? Just ask the 1982 Bucs! The team had intended to draft Booker Reese at Number 17, but wound up drafting Sean Farrell. There was so much noise in the background while discussing the pick on the phone, it caused a miscommunication, and the wrong guy was drafted. Imagine being in that war room. #awkward
  5. Straight outta college. There are three schools tied for having the most No. 1 picks in draft history. Notre Dame, Southern California, and Oklahoma all have had five No. 1 picks since the draft began. Wonder which school will add to their list…#GeauxTigers
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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