1. Here they come! The 76ers took Game 1 from the Wizards on Sunday thanks to a HUGE performance from Tobias. He dropped 37 points in the game which is both a playoff career high and the most points by a 76er in the playoffs since Allen Iverson in 2005!
  2. Bobi and Tobi forever! It’s no secret that Boban Marjanovic is Tobias’ bestie. They played together for three years on three different teams, after all. But both agree that their friendship really took off once they were traded to LA in 2018 and started hanging out more.
  3. More than a number. Tobias wears No. 12 in honor of his close friend and AAU teammate, Morgan Childs, who passed away from Leukemia as a teen. Morgan always wore No. 12 and dreamed of playing in the NBA. Now, this is Tobias’ way of fulfilling that dream. 
  4. Do you really play in Philly if you don’t have a favorite Philly Cheesesteak order? Tobias likes his with steak, onions, peppers, cheese, and then some more cheese, all topped off with ketchup!
  5. One thing about Tobias, he LOVES to read! In his free time and even before games you’ll likely find Tobias reading a book about philosophy, history, or psychology. He says reading helps to increase his focus and is a huge part of his mindfulness routine.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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