1. Another Super Bowl, another Tom Brady appearance. If you feel like you watch Tom play in the Big Game every year, you’re kinda right. This Sunday will mark Tom’s 10th ever Super Bowl start…twice as many as any other QB in NFL history!
  2. The first team to play the Super Bowl at home would be Brady’s team. That’s right! With the game being hosted in Tampa, the Bucs will become the first team in NFL history to ever play the Big Game at their home stadium!
  3. Ahead of kickoff you might wanna listen to some music. So why not listen to Tom’s “Go-To Playlist”? Released on Spotify last April, the playlist features songs from artists like Drake, Travis Scott, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, and even U2!
  4. Traffic waits for no one. Two and a half hours before his first EVER NFL playoff game in 2002, Tom was stuck in traffic. So, he did what any other person would do: called for a police escort. Hopefully, he won’t have this issue in Tampa!
  5. But first…no coffee? Back in 2016, Tom told reporters that he doesn’t drink coffee. Not only that, but he’s NEVER HAD A SIP. Safe to say he won’t be starting gameday with a cup like the rest of us!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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