1. Underdogs > All-Stars. Trae Young was one of the BIGGEST All-Star snubs of the year, and now he’s headed to the Eastern Conference Finals. But get this. The Hawks are the first team to make the Conference Finals without an All-Star since 1994!!!
  2. He gave his dad the sweetest Father’s Day gift! And no, we’re not just talking about that Game 7 win. Trae’s dad, Ray, shared a screenshot of Trae’s Father’s Day text on Twitter and the receipt shows that Trae texted dad at exactly midnight. How cute is that?
  3. “Always Remember.” Those are the words Trae had tattooed on his arm in 2019 in honor of his grandfather. It serves as a reminder of all the people who shaped Trae into who he is today and have been with him from the beginning.
  4. Ever see Trae and his teammates shiver after Trae hits a big shot? Well, it’s kinda part of his nickname. Quavo nicknamed Trae “Ice Trae”, a play on his song “Ice Tray”, because he’s cold on the court and always hits the big shot.
  5. If the Hawks win the ‘chip, we think we know how they’ll celebrate. In 2018, Trae revealed that Raising Cane’s is his favorite restaurant! Before his NBA days, he’d eat there after every game and always ordered the Box Combo.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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