1. Get ready for a WILD finish in Toronto! The Blue Jays are 1 game out of an AL Wild Card spot, and Vladdy is a huge reason why. An MVP candidate, Vladdy has a chance to earn MLB’s first Triple Crown since 2012! Will he do it? Only time will tell.
    2. Canada’s very own. While his family hails from the Dominican Republic, Vlad Jr. was actually born in Montreal while his dad, Hall of Famer Vlad Sr., played for the Expos. With such a connection to Canada, it’s only fitting he plays for their only MLB team!
    3. That moment when you beat your dad’s personal best. Oh yes, Vlad Jr. has officially hit more home runs in a season than his dad! Vlad Sr. hit 44 homers back in 2000, the most he’s ever hit in a season, while Vlad Jr. already has 46 this season with five games to go!
    4. Since his Minor League days, Vladdy’s grandma, Altagracia, has lived with and cooked for him just as she did for her son, Vlad Sr., throughout his career. Her food is SO popular that she even cooks meals for Vladdy’s teammates and opponents!
    5. What dreams are made of. This summer, Vladdy played in his first ever All-Star Game and brought home the MVP! Sounds surreal, but there’s more. At just 22 years old, Vladdy became the youngest player to EVER win MVP of the game!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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