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5 Fun Facts About J.R. Smith

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  1. It’s been almost two years (!!!) since JR last played in an NBA game, and that break was rough for him. JR said he was depressed for some time as he adjusted to the shock of not playing ball. Now that he’s back, he’s here to enjoy every second! Good thing, too, the NBA just wasn’t the same without him.
  2. Bubble Swish. Almost as soon as JR got to the bubble, he hosted an IG Live that did NOT disappoint. Room tour? Check! Dinner menu commentary? Check! Missing blanket? Check! Apparently, the NBA says he “exposed too much”, but we’re here for this #content.
  3. What’s The King without Swish? JR and LeBron go wayyyy back to their high school days, and when they team up, they’re kinda unstoppable. Four years as NBA teammates led to FOUR (!!!) Finals appearances. We’re thinking they might add a fifth. #WatchOut
  4. Turned his tattoos into a lifestyle. For a guy who used to hate tattoos until he got one, JR’s been to over 1,000 tattoo parlors and now has too many tats to count. But there isn’t one he doesn’t love. From his grandparents’ birth and death dates to his mother’s face, JR’s tattoos tell his story. #art
  5. “JR Smith, Author” has a really nice ring to it. Yup, JR is in fact a published author. In 2018, he and his brother Chris released their very own children’s book called “HoopSmiths”. The book teaches the value of teamwork while chasing dreams of playing in the NBA. #goals
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