It was an eventful day for San Francisco 49ers’ rookie linebacker Fred Warner. He was nursing a chest injury and was supposed to avoid contact altogether. The best laid plans. He unintentionally collided with Kyle Juszczyk and knocked the wind out of the fullback (he’s fine).

“It’s one of those that happen so quick for him to bounce out of it…,” said defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. “There’s a lot of plays in there where Fred actually did avoid contact where he was supposed to. But, that one was just so quick and so fast that it was almost like he was bracing for contact. It was completely accidental and thankfully Juice is alright.”

On the plus side for the Niners, Warner is showing a physicality in training camp that was questioned coming out of the NFL Draft.

“He’s got the right mindset,” Saleh said of the rookie. “So, he’s checking off all the concerns. For him, now it’s time to go show it in preseason games and continue to grow and become more consistent in understanding the scheme and getting people lined up and doing all of those things. Again, he’s got a long way to go but he’s doing a good job checking off every box.”

Soon after he was drafted, Warner helped us get to know him a little better during 5 Fun Facts with Fred Warner. Watch the video to learn:

  • His favorite Christmas movie
  • His favorite off-the-field hobbies (Hint: They involve games)
  • His go-to sandwich order and his favorite spot to get it
  • What he’s watching on Netflix and who he relates to (Hint: Dunder-Mifflin)
  • His favorite artist (Next time, we’ll have to ask him to do the #InMyFeelings Challenge)

Thanks for watching! Go Niners!


Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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