Today marked the San Francisco 49ers sixth training camp practice and the backfield is an area where things are happening. With the addition of Jerick McKinnon to an already talented group of backs, including fullback Kyle Juszczyk, to the weapons the 49ers already had, there is a lot of versatility there.

“…I think what Kyle [Shanahan] talks about with his offense is he wants to be able to run everything with every position from any part of the field, and not matter what the personnel is,” said Juszczyk. “I think that makes things really tough for the defense to try and scheme against that.”

Juszyzck has been called an offensive weapon and it’s something that became apparent later in the season last year. He can catch, he can run, he can block, and the latter is going to contribute to McKinnon’s success and to the offense as a whole.

“I think I can just clear holes for him,” Juszczyk said. “He does a great job just setting up his blocks. I’ve already seen that out there. Him and I have been close from day one. Before he even signed here I was talking to him. I just try to communicate with him as much as I can, and give him an idea of how I’m looking at plays, how I look at the block. That way we can get on the same wavelength as quick as possible.”

After Wednesday’s Community Corner that focused on Teacher Appreciation, I caught up with the Harvard grad for the second edition of 5 Fun Facts with Kyle Juszczyk. Watch the video to learn:

  • Why teacher appreciation is close to his heart
  • All about his green thumb and cooking skills
  • His recent discoveries about his ancestry
  • The last movie that made him cry (and the one before that)
  • And all about his offseason travels outside of the U.S. and his favorite of the three.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of 5 Fun Facts! Go Niners!

Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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