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How to Bedazzle a Football Jersey

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Hello my Faithful friends! You all have loved my bedazzled Carlos Hyde and Colin Kaepernick jerseys so much, I brought their creator Junlyn Delas Alas on to teach us all how to bedazzle our favorite jerseys!

Watch my tutorial and take a look at the steps below.

49ers Fangirl Jersey Bedazzling | 49ers Fangirl Take

1. Supplies

  • Swarovski flatback crystals size SS20
  • colors used on 49ers Jersey: Clear Crystal
  • 1200-1500 total crystals needed for each jersey
  • E6000 clear glue
  • Syringe with 18 gauge precision tip
  • Crystal Katana
  • Clear Grid ruler

2. Fill the syringe with E600 about 75% full. Due to the smell of the glue, it’s suggested to do this project in a well ventilated area.

3. Lay out crystals so they are facing up.

4. Lay jersey flat onto a table. During the bedazzling process try to keep the jersey as flat as possible and avoid moving the jersey as crystals can slide while the glue is still wet.

5. Use the clear ruler to figure out your first line of crystals. Use the horizontal and vertical lines of the printed numbers to line up the ruler to make sure it’s squared up. Take a few crystals and map out on the jersey how many crystals will fit in your first row. This will also give you and idea of where each glue dot needs to be. If it’s your first time, it will help to do a mini practice round on an old t-shirt first.

49ers Fangirl Jersey Bedazzling | 49ers Fangirl Take

6. Once you’ve mapped out the placement for your first row, move the crystals to the side and lay down your first row of glue dots. Doing a little practice round prior helps with this too so you can gauge how much glue is need for each crystal so there’s not excess that pools around the crystal later. It’s best to do one row of crystals at a time as you only have a few minutes to place your crystals before your glue starts to set.

7. Use the black side of your Crystal Katana to pick up one crystal at a time and press it lightly down onto each glue dot. You can use the silver side to move the crystals into place as needed.

8. Repeat the process until the desired area is covered. With the jerseys that have a different border color start with the inside color first.

9. Once you’ve bedazzled one side completely, let your jersey sit for at least an hour or two before flipping it to move to the other side and repeat the process until you’ve bedazzled your entire jersey! You may want to put a book or magazine inside your jersey at this point to give you a flat surface as the crystals from the side you already glued will make the opposite side bumpy.

Between now and Nov. 4, when you subscribe to my YouTube channel and my e-mail newsletter, you can enter for a chance to win your own Carlos Hyde bedazzled jersey! See the details in the widget below. Happy bedazzling!

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