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Talking Touchdowns: Broncos Need a Win Like Turkey Needs Stuffing

By November 24, 2017 No Comments

The Broncos have extended their losing streak to six, and needless to say, Vance Joseph is not having the time of his life. That being said, the show must go on and it’s time for this week’s edition of Talking Touchdowns. The Broncos currently sit last in the AFC West, with six games to go and virtually no chance of making the playoffs. They will face the division rival Oakland Raiders on Sunday. Let’s take a look at the matchup:

Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders


Turnovers are becoming the Achilles’ heel for this Denver Broncos team. On Sunday against the Bengals, the Broncos gave up 14 points on two turnovers, making that 16 detrimental turnovers on the season.

Obviously ball security is important but so is comradery within the organization and GM John Elway calling the team “Soft” doesn’t sound like the best working environment, and obviously didn’t ignite inspiration…Which brings me to the breaking news this week that the Broncos have fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, and QB’s coach Bill Musgrave will be promoted to OC. Vance Joseph is confident in Musgrave’s ability to get the offense back on track. In addition to coaching changes, the Denver Broncos announced on Tuesday that Paxton Lynch will start on Sunday against the Raiders. This is a much anticipated debut for the 2016 first round draft pick.

But it seems like each week the team has one or two players that try to get something going. This week it was Demaryius Thomas, who with his TD in the 4th quarter against the Bengals, tied the great Shannon Sharpe for the second most career touchdowns in franchise history.


This is the second of two meetings for these teams, and it may feel far gone, but that was actually the last time the Broncos won a game….alllllll the way back in Week 4.

Since then, the Raiders have gone 2-4 with wins against the Chiefs and the Dolphins. So I guess you can say the grass isn’t much greener on the other side.

But they do have a consistent quarterback, which is something we may be lacking in. Derek Carr has a passer rating of 91.8 this season, with 1954 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Game Prediction

Raiders 21 – Broncos 14 (I’m pretty sure Raiders Fangirl Ivana will like this one.)


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