Brittney Zec

Britt, watch him, he’s the best in the World…” At Age 4, Popcorn in hand, just a few rows up from the court, I vividly remember watching Michael Jordan play at the United Center. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty hard to recall every memory from two decades ago, but one thing I can share with absolute certainty is the energy in the 90s when MJ took the court. (cough cough…he’s the GOAT) For me, being a Bulls Fan isn’t something I take lightly, it’s part of my identity. Born and raised in Chicago, my die-hard love for the Bulls is something that has remained constant all of my life. Whether it’s the Michael Jordan Era, Derrick Rose’s incredible Rookie Year, or the rise & fall of the organization the past few Seasons…you better believe I’ve been there through it all. My love for Bulls Basketball manifested itself into my life at an early age, and I picked up the sport as well. I went on to be a part of multiple State Championships in High School, and eventually went on to play College Hoops. Although I currently live in California, my love for Chicago remains unshaken. I’m so excited to be your Bulls Fangirl this Season, and get to represent the team that I’ve held closest to my heart all my life.

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