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Elvis, Offense, Bounce House: Day One of 49ers Minicamp

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Dumervil 49ers Mini Camp

The San Francisco 49ers are about to embark on vacation, but before they do, they have mandatory minicamp. The Niners will practice two days instead of three. The team will use Thursday to condition, have meetings, watch film and then get together for a barbecue with their families.


“The guys have been working hard,” said head coach Kyle Shanahan. “I’m going to try to get the families up here, give guys’ wives and kids a chance to meet each other before just showing up to game day and meeting at the stadium. So, I think that’s important and I do think, as I always say, the main thing in OTAs and minicamp is to get out healthy. And, by stopping that last day it gives you the best chance to do that.”

There will be a bounce house at the BBQ. Honestly, that sounds amazing.

Elvis Was in the Building

Newly signed linebacker Elvis Dumervil was on hand at the 49ers’ facility for the start of minicamp. Dumervil missed most of last season with an achilles injury but did play the last six games of the season, tallying three sacks.

As a result, Dumervil will not participate in practice this week. Instead, he will get acclimated to his new team and be on the field for training camp.

“I just want Elvis to come in here, learn the schemes, and really get a chance to meet everyone,” said Shanahan. I talked about Elvis about this week before we signed and him not being in the camp, him not going through OTAs and stuff, I did want to get him signed fast to get him in here, but we didn’t think getting him involved in the work and everything was important at least for now. I think he’s in very good shape, but until you train and go through that process, we’re just a little bit more worried about the football shape. I think it’d be better for him to not have him out there until training camp.”

For Dumervil’s part, he’s excited to get out there and show that he’s still got it, despite being 33 years old. When told he was old for an NFL player, he said he’d learned something new.

“In the NFL, there’s opportunity day in and day out, week in and week out, to prove yourself,” said Dumervil. “It’s a young man’s game. And I’m excited to play a young man’s game.”

Eric Reid is looking forward to having a player like Dumervil on his side.

“It changes the game,” said Reid. “It changes the mindset of the quarterback, when he has pressure, when you’re a DB and the quarterback’s getting pressure, he can’t look him off. You can be aggressive on your breaks. When the quarterback has time, you feel like you’re out there forever and you can’t do your job as good. So adding pass rushers like him, I think the guy has like 100 sacks or something. That’ll be huge for the coverage on the back end.”

On the Offensive

In most of the practices that have been open to the media, the 49ers’ defense has outshined the offense…by a lot. The latter has had trouble getting in sync and in a rhythm, while the defense looks like it’s coming together.

But day one of minicamp saw improvement on the offensive side of the ball. Granted, Rashard Robinson, Ahmad Brooks, and K’Waun Williams didn’t practice, but let’s look at the positives here. Quarterback Brian Hoyer connected with tight end George Kittle on a 60-yard touchdown and wide receiver Marquise Goodwin on a 50-yard touchdown, both on play action. I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of running backs make this roster.

One day down. One to go. And then, the bouncey house. Go Niners!

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