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Five Fun Facts About Chris Borland

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Five-fun-facts-Chris-Borland-and San Francisco 49ers

Chris Borland is a defensive machine – a rookie in veterans’ clothing making big plays and helping the 49ers win their last two games. Here are some fun facts about the Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate.

1) In high school, Borland lettered in football, track, basketball, and tennis, and was one of Ohio’s top shot putters.

2) His arms measure at 29.25” making #BabyArms very popular among 49ers’ fans.

3) He was named this week’s NFC Defensive Player of the Week after his two interceptions against the New York Giants.

4) His birthday is the day after Christmas, and he’s turning into the best Christmas gift for the 49ers!

5) Jim Harbaugh says, “He’s like a thief in the night. Coming to steal your football.” Here’s hoping he helps the Niners steal a playoff spot too.


Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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