1. Hit ‘em with the pull-up jumper? When Deshaun was a kid, he used to pretend he was J.J. Redick playing for Coach K in the National Championship Game. That’s right, Deshaun thought he’d be a basketball player. Bet the Texans are happy he became a QB instead!
  2. While he was growing up, Deshaun’s mom volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. His family qualified for one of those homes when he was 11, and it was fully furnished by none other than RB Warrick Dunn. Things came full circle when Deshaun built homes for the organization as part of Clemson’s team philanthropy project. #Home
  3. But there’s another connection! We all know Deshaun was drafted 12th overall in the 2017 Draft, but guess who else went #12 in their draft? That’s right, Warwick Dunn in the 1997 Draft. #ties
  4. He’s just like us! Even Deshaun has a guilty pleasure, and it’s gummy worms, sour ones to be exact. They were his favorite snack back before he was in the NFL and are still part of his pre-game ritual now. #snackin
  5. Gotta throw in a football fact, especially since it’s history. When he led the Texans 16-point comeback against the Bills this weekend, Deshaun became the ONLY starting QB in the last 15 years to have a +14-point comeback in both the college playoffs and the NFL playoffs. He did it back in the 2017 CFP Championship game against Bama, nbd.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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